Young and into the Noh

I found this interesting comment by a rather famous Japanese anime voice actress, Ikezawa Haruna.

‘It began with an email from my father. “Do you want to go see Noh?”

If I think back, the first time I saw Noh and Kyōgen was as an elementary-school pupil when we went to see it as part of a Social Studies class. It was also the last time I’d seen it.
Kabuki and Bunraku, on the other hand, I’d been to see many times. I’d go to see Kabuki with a friend who liked it and would took me along. And Bunraku I’d gone to see with my father back in grade school. We’d take a lunch and watch the whole thing straight through.
Both of them were interesting and the memories and pictures of those times are still strong in my mind. But, I have no memory of Noh. Perhaps, Noh was, for me as a grade-school pupil, just a bit too stoic. Things would unfold on this mysterious stage. Mysterious people would talk of mysterious tales. In my young mind the only thing I took away from it was thinking, “This kind of world exists as well, but I don’t understand it very much.”
After that I never went to see Noh or Kyōgen of my own accord. I think that’s the case with the majority of Japanese of my generation….’

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