Documentary on Keiko Fukuda, Judo’s Only Female 10th Degree (via What can I do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies?)

A beautiful example for all women involved in the often sexist world of Japanese traditional arts.

“The belt ranks for women were very old fashioned and sexist. There was nothing above 5th degree for women.” -Keiko Fukuda A trailer for Yuriko Gamo Romer’s documentary Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful: The Story of Keiko Fukuda, Grand Mistress of Judo, which will be released in 2012 by Flying Carp Productions. The last surviving student of Kanō Jigorō, the founder of judo … Read More

via What can I do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies?

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Diego Pellecchia

Noh theatre scholar and practitioner.

2 thoughts on “Documentary on Keiko Fukuda, Judo’s Only Female 10th Degree (via What can I do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies?)”

  1. Hello, I was doing a search on Keiko Fukuda and found your blog. I am the filmmaker of the clip from my documentary (above.) I thought it very interesting that you are journeying into Noh theatre.
    My family, ancestors on my mother’s side are Hosho Noh Theater in Tokyo.

    We are trying to finish this film! And we have launched a Kickstarter grassroots fundraising campaign. I wonder if you could help us to promote this. We’d greatly appreciate your help and we can all get more of Fukuda Sensei’s inspiration out there. Thanks, Yuriko Gamo Romer

    1. Dear Yuriko, great to hear from you! I loved this trailer and I can’t wait to watch the whole documentary. If you have an email promoting your fundraising campaign I could circulate it among the people I know.

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