Resource: National Archives of Japan

Awesome! Thanks to tnguyen3729 for the heads-up! Now I know what to do this lazy Christmas Sunday!

What can I do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies?

Interested in archives or history? Check out the digital collection available through the National Archives of Japan!


The National Archives of Japan (NAJ) Digital Archive provides access to digitized images of preserved historical records. Users can search for the descriptions and view the digitized images of the records within their collection.


There are 1.23 million volumes (approximately 6.12 million images) divided into two major categories within the NAJ: The Government Records and the Cabinet Library and Important Cultural Properties.

The Government Records and the cabinet library contains description of about 750,000 volumes which were transferred from the ministries and agencies of the government of Japan. There are 480,000 volumes of both Japanese and Chinese books offered. Records are continually added to the collection including records related to the Constitution of Japan, reformation of the administration after World War II, etc.

Important Cultural Properties provides over 1,400 digitized…

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