Reflections of an Italian Noh practitioner

Noh theatre is like pasta.

You can’t trust the cooking time on the package.

There is no ‘official’ version, each of our mothers has her own way of cooking it.

No matter how much effort you put in preparing the sauce in the same way, it will never taste the same.

The secret is in the proportion of salt and water.

2 thoughts on “Reflections of an Italian Noh practitioner

  1. Ha!

    Indeed! My Great Grandmother felt that way about pasta. And chicken cacciatore.

    I envision hundreds of these for Noh…

    Noh is like a piano…
    Noh is like a VW Bug…
    Noh is like mothers-in-law… (fill in the blanks)

    When Matsui Akira, Rick Emmert, et al. were in residence at UH Manoa I heard my fill of Noh puns… Gosh, I’m sure you’ve heard them all, and hundreds more.

    Like, “Nohledge” of Zeami’s treatises…

    Thanks for the laugh,

    1. Thank you Matthew. I was actually inspired by Sen no Rikyū when thinking about water and salt, but I am sure your Great Grandmother would have been a great model, as well. As for Noh puns, I must confess I am not particularly fond of them, but yes, they are interesting from other perspectives. See my other blog post, which I have now updated with your ‘Nohledge’. Diego

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