I still have not quite understood to what extent working on the floor is good for the body. If one were only to be sitting in seiza that would not be a problem as it actually helps you keeping your back straight. But what about moving, bending, reaching for objects and all the other usual movements we do in a workplace? I find that working on the floor forces my back into painful and not always useful postures. I must admit I have some problems with my lower back, which gets easily tired, and I wonder whether seiza will eventually help me correcting my posture or actually increase the stress on my lower back…

3 thoughts on “Seiza

  1. A good question! I would really like to know too. I feel like since I’ve been sitting in chairs far more in the last months my posture has really gotten worse. And I have a bad back, too. The best, I think, is wearing a wide women’s obi around my middle. It really makes me aware of how I sit, so I sit better. It’s just kinda awkward to walk around a small German town in kimono. 😛

    1. Dear Hanna, thanks for the comment. I have now realised that the solution is a yoga ball. I am looking forward to seeing a Noh jiutai sitting on yoga balls. It would be very amazing. In the meantime, let’s stick to obi – I will try a cross-gender kimono attire: female obi certainly work better for people with bad backs like us…

      1. I would love to see that too! I mean, both the jiutai on yoga balls and a cross-gender kimono get-up. I could help you with the kimono experiment some day when I’m back in Kyoto. 😛 Thanks for putting those images in my mind!

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