Tickets giveaway! Noh: TORU 3 November 2012


For international students in the Tokyo-Yokohama area:
Do you know about Minamoto-no-Toru and his world? Answer the following question for a free ticket to the Sanrinshojo Noh performance of TORU on November 3rd.

In TORU a Priest meets an Old Man who is going to collect salt water to make salt. In what Noh play do two sisters appear who are also collecting salt water?

A free ticket is available for the first three correct answers to the question. When applying be sure to state your name, age, nationality/country, the name of institution where you are studying in Japan and address where we should send your ticket. Deadline for answers is October 19th. 

Send your answer to: (INI – International Noh Institute)


4 thoughts on “Tickets giveaway! Noh: TORU 3 November 2012

  1. I’m not going to supply the answer, since I couldn’t make use of the free tickets 😦

    But, am I right in thinking that Minamoto no Toru is the guy whose house (or at least, the site of his house) served as the basis for the house Genji takes Yugao to, where the ghost of Lady Rokujo appears, and Yugao dies of fright?

  2. Thank you Travis, keep it for yourself. We actually had additional questions, and though they were too geeky (certainly not for you)… as for your question… I have to check! It’s possible, as they are all in the Rokujo quarter.

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