Amateurs at the heart of Noh – 能の中核をなす「素人」

As part of my year at the Art Research Centre at Ritsumeikan University under the Japan Foundation Fellowship Programme, I have been asked to write a brief article about my current research on the role of amateurs in the world of Noh. The article is available both in English and in Japanese on the Japan Foundation web magazine Wochikochi.


Noh: "Kiyotsune" - photo by Barbara Mosconi
Noh: “Kiyotsune” – photo by Barbara Mosconi

2 thoughts on “Amateurs at the heart of Noh – 能の中核をなす「素人」

  1. Caro Diego,
    grazie per questo illuminante articolo sulla “economia” del Noh contemporaneo!! Inizio a capire meglio tante cose vissute indirettamente negli ultimi miei tre soggiorni in Giappone alla ricerca delle immagini fotografiche del Noh!

  2. visit your blog, read an interesting article. thank you friends for sharing and greetings compassion 🙂

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