‘Musica Sacra East and West’ 25 June 2014


The Kamigata seiyō kogaku ensōkai presents Wayō no Saikai, a musical event featuring pieces from the European tradition (gregorian chant, renaissance music, early baroque music) and Noh flute, chant, and dance. The representatives of the Noh tradition will be flute player Saco Yasujiro (Morita school) and  Udaka Tatsushige (Kongō school, my teacher’s eldest son). I will have the privilege to sing for Tatsushige-sensei’s shimai (Yamamba kiri) and rengin (Kane no dan), from the Noh Miidera. Tatsushige-sensei carefully chose pieces that would suit the theme of the event: the kiri section of Yamamba is a dialogue between actor and chorus, close to the format of some ancient European sacred music, while Kane no dan describes how listening to the sound of the (Buddhist) temple bells helps achieving enlightenment.

Kamigata Seiyō kogaku ensōkai.

Wayō no Saikai – A meeting of classical Japanese and Western musical traditions

Time: 25 June 2014 from 19:00

Place: Nihon Seikōkai Kawaguchi Kirisuto Kyōkai, Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku Kawaguchi 1-3-8 〒550-0021 Subway Chuo line Awaza station (exit n. 7)

Tickets: 3,500yen (at the door) 3,000 (pre-sale)

For enquiries: 090-8147-4861

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