[Video] Tatsushige no Kai – Mochizuki 2015

Udaka Tatsushige, son of the INI leader Michishige, will perform the virtuoso Noh Mochizuki on March 14th 2015 on the occasion of the first Tatsushige-no-kai series performance event. Mochizuki is a dramatic vendetta story featuring the famous lion dance, normally associated with the Noh Shakkyō, here performed by a man wearing a lion wig, golden fangs symbolising the lion’s jaws, and a red cloth to cover his face. You can watch here the promotional video of the event below.

Speaking of Mochizuki, this is a Meiji-period colour photograph of an actor dressed for the role of Kozawa no Gyōbu Tomofusa, the main character of the play, part of Albert Kahn’s Archives of the Planet.

Mochizuki - Albert Kahn

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