The 16th Udaka Seiran Noh – Teika and Aoinoue 13 September 2015

The International Noh Institute

This year’s Udaka Seiran Noh will feature the Noh plays Teika and Aoi-no-ue.

In the Noh Teika, performed by INI founder Udaka Michishige, a Priest is led to a vine-covered grave by a Woman he meets when sheltering from a passing autumn shower. It is the grave of poet Shokushi Naishinno, third daughter of Emperor Go-Shirakawa and the vines are called “Teika-kazura” after the poet Fujiwara no Teika. The story of their romance and  lingering attachment unfolds as the Woman reveals that she is the ghost of Shokushi Naishinno. Teika belongs to a group of Noh plays that only very experienced plays are allowed to perform, hence this is going to be a very rare opportunity for those in the Kansai area to come see the play, which is going to be staged with the added special variations sode-kagura and shinto.

Aoinoue, performed by Michishige’s younger son, Norishige

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