2022 Kei’un-kai Summer Recital

On July 24 2022 (Sun) the 2022 Kei’un-kai Summer Recital will be held at Kurochiku Momochitaru-kan, a beautiful traditional house off Shinmachi-dōri, in the heart of Kyoto. There is a proper nō stage on the second floor of the building. Coincidentially, the second round of Gion matsuri floats parade is scheduled for this day, and I expect the neighborhood to be in a high festive mood. Yet, this day marks the end of the great festival celebrations: the floats will be taken apart and stored away until next year. This is the first proper Gion matsuri celebration we will have since the pandemic, so I am very much looking forward to it.

This year’s Summer Recital will be rather small, because it is still difficult for some to move with ease across busy train stations, or join events that may include eating/drinking. Also, it is still basically impossible for people abroad to come to Japan, unless they hold a work or study visa. Thankfully, INI members / Summer Intensive participants who are already in Japan will be able to join the recital.

Students from the Kyoto Sangyo University nō club will also participate.

I am going to perform the kiri of the nō Funa Benkei. This is a rather difficult piece involving numerous complex movements with a naginata, as well as lots of jumping and twisting here and there. Fun, but tiring, especially this season.

The New INI Website

INI header white

It’s finally LIVE! The INI – International Noh Institute has a website of its own, with a blog section, a gallery etc. We literally just got it started, and we look forward to upload lots of information about who we are, what we do, etc. If you are interested in keeping updated don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. From now on I will use 外国人と能 The Noh Diaries only to post personal reflections on the various topics I usually treat here. All official announcements about performances, workshops, exhibitions from the International Noh Institute will be posted on the new INI websiteI encourage all my readers and subscribers who wish to to continue receiving updates about the INI activities to subscribe to the new website.