Noh masks are scary if you make them look scary

Fantastic novel, but horrendous cover design. Then you wonder why people think Noh masks are scary. I never thought an onnamen (female mask) was scary until I saw this! Luckily the Italian edition which I read ages ago has a more plain cover art. And by the way, onnamen is the original title, not just ‘masks’… Ah, now I see why they needed to add the creepy female mask picture.


Noh exhibition at Portland Art Museum

Someone just posted info about this exhibition at Portland Art Museum on the AAP mailing list.


Dance Drama of the Samurai

NOV 17, 2012 – FEB 24, 2013

This special exhibition presents a selection of traditional masks, costumes, and musical instruments that evoke the solemnity and celebratory splendor of Noh, while woodblock prints illustrate the performance on stage.