March 11/Sunday Great East Japan Earthquake Memorial Service and Prayer for Rebuilding at Soji-ji, (Soto-zen Daihonzan)

A memorial service and votive performances in celebration of renewal
and reconstruction
will be held at Sojo-ji in Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama.
Schedule of events:
11:30  Memorial Service
12:00  Offering of a Taiko drum performance by 108 volunteers and flower arrangement offering
12:30  Chanting of the Kannon 10 Great Prayers
12:45  Noh:  SHAKKYO Sange-no-shiki”  Shite (White Lion) : UDAKA Michishige, Tsure (First and Second Red Lions): Tatsushige and Norishige
13:30  Special Lecture
14:46  Silent prayer as the temple bell is rung to mark the time of the earthquake


Admission:  free of charge
For information in Japanese call the Daihonzan Sojo-ji information
office: 045・581・6021
Access: click here for a map in Japanese