The Fisherman’s Daughter

This is a demonstrative clip of Dr. Lee Stother’s The Fisherman’s Daughter, a Noh-inspired film/performance I had the chance to take part in during my first stay in Japan in Spring 2007. As a member of the International Noh Institute (Kongoh School), Lee has studied with Udaka Michishige and Ogamo Rebecca Teele in a number of different occasions, and the study and practice of Noh has greatly influenced her work as playwright/videomaker. Her The Fisherman’s Daughter is beautifully documented in the clip below.

One thought on “The Fisherman’s Daughter

  1. Travis, thank you for your honesty 🙂 Sometimes we need an 'access' to art in order to 'enjoy' it more or less. This can be a label, interview or any other explanatory activity. It is surely not my experience with Noh: when I started to practise I could not speak a word of Japanese and I had not see Noh, either. It was love at first sight, nonetheless.Btw – don't worry about staying awake – Noh performances are great occasions for a nap, as long as you don't start snoring!

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