Noh theatre and videogames

The allure of Noh theatre reaches the world of videogames. The new release of the popular Tekken features a stage on a Noh stage – along with an interesting soundtrack with nohkan and ko-tsuzumi. At first I didn’t realise, then I zoomed a little and… check out the soundtrack and the pictures below. I am trying to figure out what play it is – judging from the costume and what look like candles on the headpiece my guess is Kanawa.

5 thoughts on “Noh theatre and videogames

  1. Very interesting: I teach video games for a Media Studies course, and in the same way – in my scant experience – that evil is not entirely vanquished, but only suppressed, in a Noh narrative, one finds that the same holds for a video game – thus compelling the player to return. Given that one could say that the Japanese were pioneers of video gaming, it’s a link that is likely worthy of explanation.

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