Noh Robots: Noh Theatre Neongenesis Evangelion

Of all the shinsaku-noh (modern noh) I have come across this is by far the most bizarre.. an adaptation of the popular anime Neongenesis Evangelion in Noh style by shite Yamai Tsunao (Konparu school). Apparently Yamai-san has a wide range of interests including singing in a rock-band etc.. This is not the first time a manga has been made into Noh: a few years ago Umewaka Rokuro transposed the manga Kurenai Tennyo into a shinsaku Noh. I do not know either mangas and have not seen the plays.. surely these are images that make you think…

Here the link to the original article.

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Diego Pellecchia

Noh theatre scholar and practitioner.

2 thoughts on “Noh Robots: Noh Theatre Neongenesis Evangelion”

  1. Bizarre as it is that they’ve chosen to organize a dance around the maternal love of EVA 01, rather than around any of the human characters, or plot elements that actually happen in the anime, I nevertheless cannot help but think that, of all anime, EVA actually is somewhat suited to Noh. What with all the pathos and everything. This is actually something I would rather like to see, I think.

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