Tenkawa densetsu satsujin jiken – re-upload

I blogged about Ichikawa Kon’s 1991 thriller set in the world of Noh 天河伝説殺人事件 (Tenkawa Densetsu Satsujin Jiken) ages ago. The YouTube trailer I linked was taken down, but I now realise that it has been re-upped elsewhere, so I re-link it here.

This is an update after having seen the film – you should watch it if you are a Noh nerd. As far as I know it is only available in Japanese and the version I own has no English subtitles. Tenkawa-jinja in Nara prefecture is a real place, and still preserves the jo old man mask that Motomasa, Zeami’s son, offered to the sanctuary before his death, still shrouded in mystery. The events around Motomasa’s death have been recently dramatised in Umehara Takeshi’s Super Noh: Zeami, of which I wrote a criticism so spicy that I need to re-read before publishing. This is something I wrote about it before attending the performance in Osaka last summer.

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