Thank you readers!

The Kyoto Takigi Noh 2013 is now over. It’s been a very interesting 2-day event, and the audience has been able to enjoy various nuances of the multifarious world of Noh performance. What I was particularly surprised with this time was the amount of people who were able to attend the performance because they found information through my blog. Writing online can be a rather solitary activity and I often wonder who are those people reading, whose presence is signalled by numbers and colours in the blog stats map. It was nice to meet some of them this past weekend at Heian Jingu! I feel all the more motivated to write on this blog and to help people come closer to the world of Noh! Thank you!


IFTR New Scholars’ Prize

iftrI am happy to announce that I was selected as a winner of the IFTR International Federation for Theatre Research New Scholars’ Prize 2012-2013 for my essay “Ezra Pound and the Politics of Noh Films”, which I hope to publish soon. I will receive the prize on the occasion of the IFTR annual conference in Barcelona 21-26 July 2013, which I look forward to attend.

This is one of those situations where an academic who also blogs about academic topics would like to reveal more about his work but cannot because he has to wait for the actual paper to be out there lest his stuff is illegitimately taken by some ill-intentioned guy (it happens all the time). See Travis Seifman’s thoughts on academic posting online. Anyway I am very excited about receiving the prize, and I can’t wait to publish the article!

See you guys in Barcelona!