Art Project Hōnōmai – ‘Yuki’

Iori is a beautiful Kyoto machiya (traditional guesthouse), offering traditional art courses and art-related activities. In this clip Noh actor Udaka Tatsushige (son of my teacher, Udaka Michishige) is performing the shimai from the Noh Yuki (‘Snow’), a play that is exclusive to the Kongō school repertoire. In the Noh Yuki, a priest on his way to the Tennō-ji temple is caught in a snowstorm when he encounters a mysterious woman, who in reality is the spirit of snow. After reading a sutra, the woman dances as she disappears in a whirlwind of snow. I saw this Noh performed by Ogamo Rebecca Teele in the recital to which I participated June 2010. It is a very refined, delicate Noh, where all sounds and movements seem to be softened by the snow. Even the typical stomps of certain Noh dances are performed so that the feet softly touch the floor, producing no sound.

アートプロジェクト2012『奉納舞』Collaborate with Art and Noh Drama

“Kyoto Kyo-Machiya Stay Arts Project –Art and Noh Drama Collaboration-”
Iori Co. also offers a unique designed program for experiencing the traditional culture of Japan.
For cerebrating the first Project, there was Noh Drama performing collaborating with four Artists’ works of Art.

京都で伝統文化体験を提供する庵。事務所に併設された稽古舞台には、プロジェクトの記念すべき第1回参加作家4名が、それぞれの作品を共鳴させた特別しつらいがなされ、金­剛流シテ方 宇高竜成さんが、「雪」を舞った。

INI – International Noh Institute Gala Recital

This year’s INI – International Noh Institute Gala Recital celebrates 50 years of stage life of its founder, Master-Actor Udaka Michishige (Kongo School).

Noh: Yuki (‘The Snow’)

Makiginu (‘The Rolls of Silk’)

The program will also include a variety of chant and dance excerpts. Foreign and Japanese students of Udaka Michishige will perform on stage. Information material will be available in English and Japanese.

Place: Kongo Noh Theatre, Kyoto. Subway Karasuma line: get off at Karasuma-Imadegawa (K06), South Exit 6, walk South 300m and find the theatre on the right.

Time: 12 June 2010 (Sat) 1:00pm – 5:30pm.

Fee: Free of charge. The audience is free to come and go quietly.

A reception will follow from 6:30pm (fee: 1000 yen). Come share your impressions on Noh theatre and to talk to the teacher and the performers! Meet us at ‘Tenshokan’(天正館)2nd Fl., Mukadeya-cho 380, Shinmachidori Nishiki-koji-agaru Subway Karasuma-Shijo, Exit 24, walk West, then North at Shijo-Shinmachi (about 5 minutes). Click here for a directions from the Kongo Theatre to Tenshokan.


Map for the Kongo Nogakudo (金剛能楽堂)